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Meditation is more then just feeling good.
My surgeon said to me after I had healed completely in two weeks from a major operation the reason for the extra fast healing was because of my "faith, fitness and mental attitude" he already knew that meditation was part of my early morning routine.
He also told me that he had surveyed a group of women that were recovering from breast cancer operations and he found that those that meditated healed much faster then those that didn't.  
A stressed body.
A stressed body cannot heal, but with the aid of regular meditation times, one can overturn most, if not all stress whether it be caused from health problems, work situations or family and everyday stress.
Meditation and focusing the mind continuously on one thought, phrase or prayer for a period of time naturally leads to the relaxation response, changes in the body that are deeply restorative and which quicken healing. These changes include reductions in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen consumption, blood flow to skeletal muscles, perspiration and muscle tension, as well as an improvement in immunity. The relaxation response works much like pushing a reset button, enabling your body to return to a state of optimal balance. There have been many studies done that show the effectiveness of meditation in treating a number of health conditions.
Spirituality is really about what makes people feel good about themselves and motivated to do their best. "It may be belief in some power larger than yourself, appreciating nature and your relationships with others, exploring your purpose in life or your ethical values. At the base, it is about understanding our values and having respect and compassion for other people." Spirituality will open your hearts to others and appreciate the importance of the things you do and how kindness, gratitude and humility can enhance a spiritual life.


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